Workforce Diversity and Culturally Competent Health Care

Workforce Diversity and Culturally Competent Health Care


Health care researchers, writers, educators, and leaders continue to explore cultural disparities, differences, and challenges to increase health care quality and its delivery to various cultural groups.

Select a cultural group (perhaps one that you will use in your Cultural Competence Development Plan), and based on “cultural values” discussed in Pérez & Luquis’s Chapter 10 and other sources, consider the following:

  • Think about a health care organization you are familiar with. How would you describe its workforce diversity? Can you describe differences between cultural competence and workforce diversity? Provide some specific examples.
  • Discuss why it would be important for health care educators and providers to understand their audience of interest. Provide specific examples and at least one other source to support your statements, assumptions, or conclusions.
  • Review several Web sites focusing on assessing or developing a supportive diverse workforce, improving patient safety or outcomes, extending linguistic services, or enabling a more cultural competency organization. What recommendations might you consider for improving workforce diversity as you develop your Cultural Competence Development Plan project?

Response Guidelines

Read the posts of your peers and respond to at least two. Develop and present follow-up questions or supporting statements that may help clarify their perspectives.