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White Paper


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White Paper Proposal

Danielle Mazanti

Southeastern University

The Role of Government in Business


Many businesses and organizations run and operate under government rules and regulations. These regulations are made to create a safe working environment for employees as well as ensuring that customers get the best products that are safe for their health and usage. For a long period, the government has been at the forefront in making sure that business operates as per the set guidelines and that there is no production of products that may be of harm to customers and consumers. Different countries around the world have different regulations in place that they have put in place to ensure that they are followed and adhered to (Bozhikin et al., 2019). However, some businesses have always felt that some of these regulations have been somehow harsh for them hence providing an environment that is uncomfortable to operate in.


This white paper discusses the role of government in business. The government plays a major role as far as businesses are concerned. The private sector of any given country provides the chief economic force but at the same time, it requires government regulations. Many constitutions of the majority of countries across the world give the government the power to control regulate businesses. Although these regulations have increased over time, businesses have also to some extent enjoyed some freedom. In this white paper, I will look at different roles that the government puts or plays in businesses. The fact that some businesses find these regulations to be hard on them is a question of debate. For instance, some businesses think that some regulations are too tough for them (Seow et al., 2020). It is thus important for the government to ensure that such businesses are considered since they contribute adversely to the economic growth of the country.

Literature review

The proposed paper will start by looking at what government roles are all about in line with the business. It will also state how these roles have helped businesses to grow and the challenges that some businesses have faced as far as the governing regulations are concerned. The importance of this paper is to create a sense in the business world and explain more about the role of the government in business. Many people do not have an idea of the various roles that the government ought to play as far as businesses are concerned. This therefore will give more insights on the functions of the government in the business world and the various exceptions in the event where businesses feel to be pressed hard by such regulations. Many people do not understand these roles and this is one reason that makes them feel that they are being oppressed by them.


Coming up with this paper will involve discussion on the topic by stating what government roles in business entails and the various roles that it plays. Additionally, the paper will look at different scenarios that involve roles that have been played and give detailed examples of businesses that have faced consequences for not adhering to such rules. Besides, it will also provide some recommendations on what ought to be done in case businesses feel that they are being oppressed by such regulations.


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