Team Project – Part III

Team Project – Part III

For part III of the Team Project, your team MUST submit 13 – 15 slides PowerPoint presentation that includes the following:

·  Identify how organizational structure and job design will impact this plan overall. What are your team’s specific suggestions with respect to structure and job design that may help the organization to effectively deal with motivation and retention?

·  Identify any ethical implications and social responsibility that may influence this plan overall, for example, layoffs, restructuring, etc. What are your team’s specific suggestions with respect to these potential issues?

·  Identify how organizational culture will affect this plan overall. Compare and contrast your organization’s culture with the culture of another company in the same industry. Does your team think that the organization’s culture is one of the main problem for retention and motivation issues? If so, what does your team specifically suggest for solving the issue? List any artifacts, ceremonies, language, dress code, myths, legends, or any other behavior that are present in the organization. 

·  Is your team leadership the problem for low retention and motivation? If so, what are your team’s specific suggestions? If not, what are they doing well?

The PowerPoint presentation will need to be between 13-15 slides. You MUST use the notes section within each slide to further expand on your bulletin points and a minimum of THREE references to support your claims, thoughts, and statements. Make sure to submit a peer evaluation form with Part III of the project in the W7 Team Peer Evaluation Form assignment module. Completion of the peer evaluation will be included in the grade weight for the team project. It will be at the discretion of the instructor, based on the peer evaluation, if the final individual grades for the team project will need to be adjusted.