T-Mobile Merges With Sprint

Complete a paper (outline) that will be based on an analysis of T-Mobile and Sprint merging 

Assess the success and failures of the organization during this process and then, based on the knowledge gained in this game, present an objective and fact-based analysis on how the organization could have managed the process more successfully.

Provide an outline that includes the following (title and reference separate)

· 1 paragraph describing a brief overview of the organization (T-Mobile and Sprint)

· 1 paragraph overview of the elements that caused the organization to embark on this change

· An outline of the proposed project (for example, introduction, key points, conclusion, etc.)

· Finally, a 1 paragraph overview of the topics or knowledge from this course you will include in this project (e.g., types of change, diagnostic models, change readiness, resistance to change, models of change, etc.

* Check for grammar

* APA Format 7th Edition

* Use at least 2 References 

Link about T-Mobile and Sprint: (https://www.npr.org/2020/04/01/825523250/t-mobile-completes-takeover-of-rival-company-sprint)