Systems Analysis Portfolio

****you should review your colleagues’ submissions and provide feedback to at least two colleagues that have yet to receive feedback from two students. In your response, include whether you think the diagram effectively documents the case and whether the loops are self-evident and whether the diagram captures cause and effect. Provide an example to support your position. If for some reason your submission has not been reviewed, please either seek out a colleague to review your work or utilize peer reviews of other posts to help enhance your final submission of your Systems Analysis Portfolio, due in Week 5.

Note  that an exemplary Peer Review post demonstrates  al l of the following:

· Provides constructive, substantial, and meaningful input that is specific and directly related to the work-product of the colleague as it pertains to the assignment and weekly outcomes that will further assist your peer in developing his or her treatise

· Provides comments on organization, grammar, and proper APA formatting

· Remains professional in tone at all times

Note:  Comments such as “Good Job” or “Interesting Project” may be made as encouragement but will not count for credit toward your peer review(s).

General Guidance on Peer Feedback Length: Feedback to a peer will typically be 1–2 paragraphs, and may also include revisions to the diagram itself.