Swot Analysis

Swot Analysis

Chapter 3 SWOT and Trends Analysis

Review Figure 3-3 (attached) and Figure 3-4 (below).  Using either your new “company” created for this class or a business that you are familiar with, complete the chart on Figure 3-3 for this company.  Be sure to give a short description of the business.  Also create a reasonable SWOT analysis for your business (not copied from the textbook example – use your own situation).  This exercise should require a lot of thought and even some research into similar businesses to determine trends in the market or other environments.  Sometimes, we only see the positives, especially if this business is our creation/baby, but many businesses fail due to lack of planning in the beginning.

Points will be deducted for spelling, grammar, punctuation or sentence structure errors.  Posts should be original, meaning not copied from the textbook or only modified slightly!

Figure 3-4

SWOT Matrix, with Generic Examples

Potential Strengths· Market leadership· Strong research and development· High-quality products· Cost advantages· PatentsPotential Weaknesses· Large inventories· Excess capacity for market· Management turnover· Weak market image· Lack of management depthPotential Opportunities· New overseas markets· Failing trade barriers· Competitors failing· Diversification· Economy reboundingPotential Threats· Market saturation· Threat of takeover· Low-cost foreign competition· Slower market growth· Growing government regulation