For the resume, you will select a publicly available job posting that: 

1. requires a college degree in your field and is of interest to you; 

2. has an adequate description of requirements / skills required (to allow customization). Note that many government job postings do not meet this standard. 

Based on the job posting, you will write your resume that tailor to that position and include a note on a separate page that explain how you customize your resume to the job description. The specific requirements are as follows:


• Contain sections including header, summary statement (optional), education, work experience, related experience (optional), activities/awards (optional), skills (optional)

• Use active, skill-based verbs to demonstrate your qualifications 

• Apply the WHO approach to describe your work experiences

• Organize the experiences by the chronological order

• Avoid typos and grammatical errors


• Single page (single-spaced)

• 11 to 12-point, readable font

• Consistent spacing and layout

Submission Guidelines

Please submit the electronic version of your resume to Blackboard. In this file, submit the following items in this order:

1. Resume

2. Job description that your resume targets at

3. Notes explaining how you customize your resume to the job description

Evaluation Criteria

• See rubrics attached