Read And Respond-CH 12

Read And Respond-CH 12

Please read my team project “Jollibee” before answering. 

**Need textual references (textbook–please include page#) and external research

Company: Jollibee
Country From: Philippines
(Expand)Country To: Australia-Sydney
Product/Service: Fast Food
How (FDI/Export/License): FDI

Read Ch. 12 and finalize the strategy that you will be pursuing for your international expansion. Include the sources for each of your responses, from both the textbook and external research.

About 300 words.

Consider the country-city(Australia-Sydney) where you want to expand your business: (Please read my “team-project” before answering. Because the answer should be related to the previous discussion direction.)

Question:(Please use the information in the book for reference and external research.)

Choose at least three ways on how you are going to differentiate your strategy from the competition. Use references from the “value-chain” (Figure 12-4)

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