Project Management Week 5

Project Management Week 5


Week 3 – The Scott Project

Project Management Integration Framework – PRJ656

Anthony Burkett, Rodney Hodge, Herbert Green, Jonathan Rhys Jones

Grantham University


Project Charter Project Title: The Scott Project

Project Start Date: January 3, 2010 Project End Date: November 1, 2010

Budget Information: The Scott Project has an estimated total labor cost of $250K per month throughout the life of the project. The initial estimate is based on a total of 2,080 per month at $120 per person.

Project Manager: Jerry Dunlap/ Phone: 321-456-7891/ Email:

Project Objectives: – Implement a new product for Scott Corporation that can easily transition into their strategic plan. – Bring value to Scott Corporation. – Increase trust between Park Industries & Scott Corporation – Develop opportunities for follow-on work over the next several years.

Main Project Success Criterion: Customer satisfaction: This project should initiate future sole-source contracts between Scott Corporation and Parks Industries.

Approach: Due to having a well experienced team however, faced with possible time constraints, the agile methodology is more suitable for this project. The agile approach also gives room for flexibility and quicker delivery.

Sequence of Approach 1) Determine Requirements: Get a detailed understanding of the project requirements. 2) Development: Design, add functionality and test the project. 3) Release: Incremental release of the product for customer feedback. 4) Accept: Customer accepts the project 5) Deploy to Customer: Project is approved and delivered. 5A) If not accepted, changes will be implemented, and the project will enter the next development iteration.

Roles & Responsibilities (Partial List)

Name Role Position

Jason Scott Jason Scott CEO Scott Corporation

Joseph Park Joseph Park Budget Allocation General Manager, Park Industries

Frank Howard Frank Howard Liaison Project Management Division Head

Jerry Dunlap Jerry Dunlap Project Manager Project Manager

6 x Full-Time Employees All Employees Team Members Project Officers

4 x Full-Time Employees All Employees Team Members Functional Team Members

4 x Part-Time Employees All Employees Team Members Functional Team Members

Sign-Off: By signing this document, Scott Corporation and Park Industries approve this project charter.

Management Plan



a. Project name: The Scott Project

b. Purpose: i. The goals of the project: To develop a new product for the

Scott Corporation. ii. Strategic reason for the project: Satisfaction of this project

offers tremendous opportunities for follow-on work over the next several years.

iii. Time estimate: Approximately 10 months. iv. Cost estimate: $240,000 per month of project/ $2.5M


c. Sponsor i. Name: Jason Scott

ii. Title: The Scott Corporation CEO iii. Contact information: 321-456-7890

d. Team/Stakeholders

Name Title Phone Email

Jason Scott Sponsor/CEO 321-456-7890

Jerry Dunlap Project Manager 321-456-7891

Joseph Park Budget Allocation 321-456-7892

Frank Howard Liaison 321-456-7893

6 x Full Time Employees

Project Officers 321-456-7894

4 x Full Time Employees

Functional Team Members 321-456-7895

4 x Part Time Employees

Functional Team Members 321-456-7896

e. Deliverables



Successful R&D The Research and Development needs to be completed to 100% for the product.

New product New product to bring value to the Scott Corporation.

f. A list of important reference materials: i. Scope management plan: The scope creates the new

product for the Scott Corporation and the planning for developing follow-on opportunities for work over the next several years.

g. A list of definitions and acronyms, if appropriate:

Term Definition

R&D Research and Development

Bath Tub Timeframe of inactivity of a project prior to the next phase beginning.

II. How the project is organized

a. Project responsibilities:

i. Project Manager – The Project management will coordinate, synchronize, and integrate all activities in this project. They are responsible for the overall delivery of the service to the customer and ensuring it is within scope, budget, and on time.

ii. Requirement Analyst – Will adhere to the project scope as prescribed by the customer and will ensure that all perimeters of the service to the customer are answered and that specifications are identified before project is initiated.

iii. Research and Developers – Will conduct the scientific research to create the product.

iv. Software Developers – Will develop the coding needed to continue the production of the product.

III. Management and technical approaches:


a. Management objectives: The main approach will be to deliver the product in an effective way that focuses on Customer Satisfaction. The focus of this product is to deliver a product to create a relationship between both organizations that fosters follow-on work for the next several years.

b. Project controls: There will be several project management controls built in. Most prominently is testing starting mid process of research and development. As this is the main effort for this project, the focus of the product is to create the product in alignment with the customer requirements.

c. Risk management: The major risk with this project is delivering a product that is not to the customer standards. The stakeholder/customer will be heavily involved throughout the research and development of the product to ensure the highest level of satisfaction and promote a relationship between the two organizations. Additionally, efforts must be made to ensure that the “Bath Tub” period does not negatively impact the project. Maintaining the same project staff throughout the project will increase the chance of being successful. If the same staff isn’t available, the risks will be mitigated by ensuring detailed documents are maintain discussing project successes and other best practice knowledge.

d. Project staffing: This project will be a mixed staff of project managers and team members both on a full-time and part-time basis. Since the workload is up and down, the staff members will be matrixed to this project as it allows them the flexibility to work on other projects while the workload is low for the Scott Project.

IV. Project schedule

a. Summary schedule: January 3, 2010, through November 1, 2010

V. Budget

a. Summary budget: The overall budget for this project is approximately $250,000 per month with a total of ~$2.5M over the 10-month duration of the project.

b. Detailed budget: The workload fluctuates however the manpower level will roughly equal to 2,080 labor hours per month. Each labor hour will be incurrent at a cost of $120.00 per person, at a full rate.


c. Other budget-related information: The Scott Corporation has a cash flow issue and the follow-on work post this project, will have to be significant to the cut in budget to maintain team members and project managers for follow on work. The bathtub budget after this project is ~$200,000.


Schwalbe, K. (2015). Information Technology Project Management. (8th Ed). Boston, MA:

Cengage Learning.


  • I. Overview
  • II. How the project is organized
  • III. Management and technical approaches:
  • IV. Project schedule
  • V. Budget