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There are 10 Most Common Types of Interviews: 

Counseling Interviews

Employment Interviews

Exit Interviews

Grievance, or Confrontation, Interview

Group Interview ( Panel and Board) 

Informational Interview

Interrogation Interview

Performance Review

Persuasive Interview

Telephone or Skype Interview

YOUR ASSIGNMENT: Create a Powerpoint Presentation, not to exceed 8 slides, in which you define and explain 3 of the above Interview Types.  On the last slide include 4 questions to ask your classmates to show that they understood the content in your Powerpoint presentation. NO TEXT ONLY SLIDES. You can use color, Pictures,  video, but no Black text & White Background slides that show no creativity. All of this information is found pn pages 201 – 208.

…After you Complete this go on to the next assignment. 



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