POB Home Work




1. Between Theory X and Theory Y, which best explains:

a. Your attitude to work?     The theory X best explains the attitude to work.                               ( 1 mark)

b. The attitude of most people in your country?  Theory best suits  the attitude of most people in my country.( 1 mark)

0. Do you think Maslow’s hierarchy fits with your expectations for life and work? Why? (2marks)

If so, which level do you expect to reach by the time you in 30? (2 marks)

0. Do you find any of these theories useful in understanding people’s attitude to work? (1 mark)

1. Read this extract from The Economist: ‘If the workers at Japan’s Keihin Electric Express Railway Company seem unnaturally cheerful …it is because they are being watched. The firm has installed cameras with special scanners at all fifteen of its situation measure employees’ smiles, ensuring that harried commuters are always greeted with a grin, however forced”.

a. Why does the company want its staff to smile? (1 mark)

Is  this an appropriate way to monitor staff performance. ( 1 mark)