Paraphrase The Attached Documents Within 1 Hour

Paraphrase The Attached Documents Within 1 Hour

Horse Macro-environment for the declined in the horse industry China has  one of the emerging horse markets as it represents the largest market share. the Chinese market has constraints that have made the horse market to go down. Most insurance companies increased the premium rates for the investors in this industry. Consequently, this was a major setback to the industry as many of them opted for other investments.

                Political factor For example, the closure of slaughter in the country was politically motivated.. It is imperative to note, the government came up with policies with the aim of regulating this industry. However, this regulation made it more complicated the horse industry.

                The social part e horses are drugged  sometime making it unfit , This has been a major  issue ,  become widespread in many parts of the country thereby paralyzing the horse industry.

             Additionally, demographic change, trend majority of them have lost interest in this industry in the ages of 30- 40 . Expectedly, this has drastically contributed to the number of horses available for the market.

            Technology has also played a major role in down fall of the industry as many investors especially young individuals have resolved to gambling instead of investing in horse industry . The gambling industry is as a high rate compared  other industries like horses. gambling as short cut to financial success the idea that some people have

           The widening gap between the rich and poor has greatly contributed to the dying horse industry. This gap was worsened by the economic recession that ended in 2008. The industry collapsed as result of rise in operating expenses. This derived the investor’s confidence.