Need Help To Write Executive Summary And Conclusion

Need Help To Write Executive Summary And Conclusion

i have a topic like mobile pets grooming at clients preffered location all the paper is ready but i need you to help me on to write executive summary and conclusion can you help me out with this in next 2-3hours

Running Head: Group Project – Beautiful Pets 1

Group Project – Beautiful Pets

Team Williamsburg

Jonathan James Hawkshaw, Anusha Jagupilla, Sourabh Katariya,

Keerthi Nallabothu, Ahsan Ullah Hussaini Syed

University of the Cumberlands

Professor: Dr. Jingyun (Kay) Zhang

BADM 533 – M40 Marketing Management

Group Project – Beautiful Pets

Executive Summary


We have witnessed many pet grooming centers across the world who claim to be providing quality services. But seldom do we realize that either they are too far, the products they use are of lower quality, or the staff is not rightly equipped to handle various dog breeds because of the varying characteristics. We studied every pet grooming center’s patterns in the California area focusing on two major cities of San Diego and Los Angeles. Further, we conducted surveys to get feedback from the customers and concluded that most clients had three basic requirements.

Firstly, customers wanted a mobile pet grooming service where the service providers could come to a customer’s preferred location and provide the service at a time convenient to them in the fastest time. Secondly, the customers wanted superior quality products to be used on pets. Finally, they wanted the service providers to be certified and trained professionals who could handle any breed of dogs and provide a smooth and quality service so that the pets are stress-free and not be terrified of the experience. We noticed that there are not many such services provided by companies in the nearby locations of these cities mentioned above. Therefore, we decided to start our venture of ‘Beautiful Pets.’

Beautiful Pet, as a company, will provide mobile pet grooming services such as bath & dry, haircuts, and nail trimming & clipping to dogs and cats. Our company will be headquartered in San Diego, California. We will start operations in two cities, i.e., San Diego and Los Angeles. All our employees will be trained and certified professionals who have had at least three years of experience in this field.

Contents of our Marketing Plan

The contents of our marketing plan including environmental analysis, SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, and Threat) analysis, targeting markets, positioning statements, branding strategy, pricing strategy, distribution strategy, and promotional strategy. Our strategy or marketing plan is to be energy efficient through reduced water usage, advertising through channels such as mobile apps, Facebook advertisements, one-day seminar events, etc.

We will be targeting the middle-income group of families where people who do not have time to provide proper grooming to their pets can conveniently get our services at their preferred location. Further, we will price our services in terms of a subscription service where the customers can avail monthly, bi-monthly, one-time subscription.

As a promotional strategy, we will provide bundled services at reduced costs and two free grooming services as a referral bonus. Our channel of distribution will be through our mobile centers located in the cities of San Diego and Los Angeles in the form of a franchise. Each of these components has been explained in detail in the following paragraphs.

Missions and Goals

We understand that mission statements are equally important, and a strong mission statement sets the right tone of the company to its employees, the management, and the customers along with the market. In other words, mission statements act as the organization’s identity in the business world (Martin, Cowburn, & Mac Intosh, 2017). Our company’s mission stands on our four pillars, i.e., providing pet grooming services on the go, fastest service in the whole area, superior quality products and service, and trained professionals.

Our short-term goal over one year is to make our presence felt in San Diego and Los Angeles area through our marketing channels. Our growth measurement will always be based on monthly customer subscriptions. We want to convert the maximum number of customers from one-time service to at least two years of monthly services. Due to our aggressive promotional strategy and uniqueness in providing service from the convenience of the home, we strive to achieve a monthly customer subscription base of about 250 families in these two cities during the first year.

Our long-term goal over five years is to have a minimum of 2000 monthly subscriptions and expand our business by providing services in San Jose and San Francisco areas, along with the current two cities.


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