I Want To Edit My Reflection Paper Titans

I Want To Edit My Reflection Paper Titans


i did a reflection paper about the movie ” Remember The Titans ” but my profossor want me to make it longer and edit some mistakes, i wrote about 3 pages and i want about 4 or 4 and half pages. 

i will upload a picutre about what she want to edit.

the profosore told me ” example, you discussed “teamwork” in your paper. A good way to relate this to our text would be to refer back to Chapter 7 and bring in the stages of team development: forming, storming, norming, performing and adjourning.  Or, you could concentrate more on the issue of diversity from Chapter 2, and explain how understanding and valuing diversity ultimately helped the Titans to be a winning team. 

As the paper stands, it is a 6.8/10. It’s totally up to you if you would like to redo it or not. “

this is what she want.

i need it as soon as you can finiah it 

Khaled Alwasabi

MAN 101-14


Remember The Titans


I watched remember the titans in the class and it was very nice movie, It was about a football team in the high school called T.C. William High school that located in Alexandria Virginia. I liked a lot of things about the movie and I get so excited when I was watching it, the movie didn’t focus only on football it show us a lot of things like the racism and about teamwork also the man who changed the whole team and destroyed the racism between the black and white and make them one team.

The student had a problem of each other because they had a different color so this is called racism, they always fight together and laugh at each other and make jokes and pranks, the problem is they played in the same football team and they keep losing because the racism destroyed them also they hate each other so they are not going to play with the same plane everyone will going to do what he want too, and that’s a big problem and it will let them keep losing in every match.

Teamwork is the key to success and keep winning, so that’s what should the team do because if they didn’t they are not going to win and reach their goals. I liked this movie so much its make me excited to do a teamwork and work as one hand, teamwork is important thing to reach your goal that’s one of thing that I learned from the movie.The teamwork has to think together and follow the plan, they should do what the coach said to win the match. Teamwork should forget about the personals problem they had it in their life and that’s an important thing to win.

I liked the man who showed up from the team and destroyed the racism by a perfect presentation that he did, he changed the feeling about the team, he let them be together no matter what is your color black, white, brown no matter. He did a good job and because of what he did the school got the league cup and they be a champions. I like the point of this scene it learned me how biggest the problem is one man can handle it and solve it by thinking.


This movie teach me a lot of things like how to be a teamwork and how you can solve a problem even its hard to solve you can do it by thinking clearly and trust yourself and do your best. I learned from the movie the key to success if you want you got it you can if you don’t want do it you will never get it, I also enjoyed the movie so much I want everyone to see it, there is a lot of advices for life in the movie and I liked it because it’s not only focus in the football, they focused in life problems too. I learned that I should forget about my personals problem if I’m doing something to give me the key of succes.