I have a marketing project which is based on a firm in Vancouver

I have a marketing project which is based on a firm in Vancouver. this is the project requirement. I have done bits and pieces of it which i will send you. I forgot to mention that just focus on phase one only. You need to be familiar with Vancouver maritime museum. Please check the attached files for notes on the assignment.

Project Overview:
The Professor will provide a local organization to perform the project on. For this project, the assigned organization is the Vancouver Maritime Museum (http://www.vancouvermaritimemuseum.com).
First, perform a full communications audit, analyze the organization’s communication activities and provide convincing marketing communications recommendations for the organization to move forward with. Second, deliver upon their recommendations with a creative execution and media plan.

Phase One Communications Audit:

Perform a communications audit on the assigned organization. You will need to research and analyze the current Communications Plan including activities ranging from brick and mortar facility, signage, uniforms, media activities, advertising, public relations, community activities, websites, publications etc. etc. which is the complete range of paid, owned and earned media. Perform relevant market research as part of your information gathering and subsequent analysis.

You will then need to make recommendations to the Marketing Communications Plan based on your audit. Be sure to do the necessary critique and analysis of the current strategy in order to proceed with developing convincing recommendations.

You may wish to follow the following guidelines for your Communications Audit. Avoid being descriptive, focus on the analysis, key learnings and insights.

1. Key Concerns (goals,objectives,strategies,challenges,etc.) 

2. Key Components to be assessed(internal,externalcommunications,graphicidentity,media& 
PR coverage, etc.) 

3. Critically Analyze Key Components(paid,ownedandearnedmedia). 

4. Research:gather quantitative and qualitative data 

5. Develop convincing recommendations for future communication strategies and components 

Be sure to include the following in your report:

· Marketing Objectives (specific targets that can be measured) 

· Business situation (SWOT) 

· Communication Goals (desired behaviour change) 

· Current integrated marketing communications strategy 

· Identification of all audiences (channel partners, target market(s), employees, etc.) 

· Positioning strategy and its effectiveness: relevant, credible and compelling? 

· Customization, personalization 

· Interaction with target audience, feedback, service response 

· External supplier resource structure 

· Examples of logos, advertising, websites and pictures of the facilities 

· Blocking chart of marketing communication activities 

· Budgetary spending for marketing communications activities 

· Owned Media

· Facilities, customer contact points. 

· Printed materials, publications 

· Graphic identity 

· Social media, website 

· Earned media

· Public image management 

· Media relations and PR 

· Community relations 

· Strategic philanthropy/Cause marketing 

· Paid media 

· Broadcast 

· Print 

· Outdoor 

· Direct 

· Mobile, Online 

•Check across the contact points, using a typical target customer persona, for the following:

· Consistency, congruency of the parts 

· Connectedness (do the parts talk to each other?) 

· Completeness (any gaps?) 
Phase One Communications Audit Deliverables: 

· Prepare a Powerpoint presentation that will be presented to the Professor on Feb 29, 2016. 

· Presentations will be done in individual groups with the professor. Each group will be provided a 
specific time for their presentation. Be prepared to present your communications audit findings and provide your main recommendations in the oral presentation. Feedback will be provided on the spot to students, prior to the start of the second phase. 

· Provide a written report of the audit (maximum 7-8 single-spaced pages). Note that table of contents, title page, appendix and bibliography do not count towards the 7-8 pages limit. 

· Business style writing is expected for the report. Grades will be based on the quality of your analysis and research, and the convincingness of your recommendations. 

· A hard copy and electronic copy are both required for all deliverables.

Phase Two Creative and Media Execution 

In the second part of the assignment, your team will develop both a media plan and creative concepts based off the communication audit you developed in the first part of the assignment. 
First, develop a creative brief to execute your recommendations. Second, you will need to determine and justify a media plan using the paid, owned and earned media model. You’ll need to be resourceful and creative in how you allocate your limited budget. In order to make this media decision, you need to decide how to best leverage your core creative idea, taking into account budget, media channels, consumer behaviour, and target audience to create a campaign that will generate the most effective response.

· Use all three elements of the paid, owned, earned media model 

· Consider a “day in the life” when determining your media choices 

· Explain the rationale/support for your media choices 

· Allocate your budget. Remember to use all of your budget 
Lastly, develop creative concepts for the recommendations based off your creative brief/media plan. Grades will be based on the quality of your analysis and research, and the quality of your creative concepts.

· The creative concepts should involve at least two different media types (i.e. print, broadcast, outdoor, online, direct mail, event marketing, etc). 

· Apply theory and principles you are learning throughout the course 

· Consider the following when developing your 2nd assignment creative concepts:

Cohesion – Are all the campaign components creatively cohesive based on the channels you’ve chosen? Does the creative link to each other, if necessary? Does the work include the executional mandatories?

Tone and Manner – Does the copy talk to the desired target audience in an appropriate tone and manner (is it arresting, involving, engaging)? Does it do a good job of positioning, explaining the product/service?

Brand Personality – Are the images, colours and/or graphics used appropriate to the target audience?

Call to Action – If required, is the call to action clear on what the reader needs to do to? Are the response channels referred to effectively?

Unique Selling Proposition – Does the overall concept differentiate the product/service?

Rationale – What was your rationale behind the channels you selected and how do they align with the target audience in your written report?

Overall – is this a compelling and well-executed creative package? Is the core creative idea delivered in a visually appealing and effective way?

Phase Two Creative and Media Execution Deliverables:

· Provide a creative brief – maximum 2 single-spaced pages 

· Provide a media plan – maximum 3 single-spaced pages. 

· Note that table of contents, title page, appendix and bibliography do not count towards the page 

· Two creative concepts can be attached to the back of the report in the appendix. 

· Business style writing is expected for the report. 

· Each group will present to the class in the final week of the course a 15 minute presentation of 
the project. A copy of the PowerPoint should be provided to the Professor at the start of the 

· A hard copy and electronic copy are both required for all deliverables. 
Written Report Suggestions and tips 
My challenge to you is to present your report in a concise and professional manner.

· The use of subheadings and bullet points where appropriate is encouraged. A poor report will 
be too long, repetitive and difficult to follow. Tables and charts should be properly labelled and explained, with conclusion statements. Use 12 font, Times New Roman. All reports must be free of spelling and grammar errors. The written report will be marked on the basis of an appropriate standard of research, content, and organization of material. 

· Full use of theory, well applied – must use many relevant concepts & theories as covered in class lectures and readings 

· Extent and use of research; Meaningful, in-depth analysis – must use the ideas from research 

· Correct English/grammar, professional format. Up to 100% of a project’s assigned grade may 
be lost for non-professionalism 

· Use of APA Essential. http://libguides.kpu.ca/citations 

· NOTE: the signed Academic Honesty Statement online submission MUST be completed before the report is reviewed