I found it easier to create the essay test questions

First task is to response for two writer ( like syaing you like what they have written ) 

here is my disscussion ( just read it to get an idea of what i have written )

I found it easier to create the essay test questions. However; creating the rubric is more difficult and it requires more time. It would be easier to create the essay test questions if the rubric was not required. I think is one of the best test questions because by writing essays, students are able to think critically. Moreover, it encourages originality in answering since it discourages guessing of answers. However, grading is affected by the length of students’ responses.  Moreover, this type of questions cannot be used in all levels. For instance, it cannot be used for low-level learning outcomes assessments. This is because it takes a lot of time for one to respond to the questions. In order to make the essay test questions more effective, I think it is good to let the students know about the assessment criteria that will used in marking the essays. Additionally, for better responses, it is important to ensure that the questions are not ambiguous. In order to make the essay test more learner-centered, the questions should be set in a way that encourages students to solve problems in order to increase their critical thinking abilities. They should also encourage students to reflect on what they learn.

response to these two writer..  ( write about 5-6 sentences)

First writer disscusion:

I do think that essay questions are great at helping instructors know if students have complex understanding of the information.  The student has to articulate the information they understand in a way that lets the teacher know they understand it.  They can be a downfall for students that do not write well. So I have to wonder if an essay really tests a student’s knowledge of the subject or just their ability to write.  I do not usually use essay questions for this reason.  If I do use this type question I have students answer in bullet format.  I think this helps them to get their point across without having to be a writer.

I remember before rubrics become widely accepted and many things in the classroom was your best guess at what the instructor wanted.  I think the use of rubrics has helped with this problem.  I my program we use prints for everything they are a rubric.  We are given tolerances, finish information and other critical information about the part we are to make.

second writer disscusion:

To begin, I found it interesting that we are advised to only use essay questions for information that can’t be tested any other way.  I feel like essay questions are more open-ended and give opportunity for students to show what they know in a less structured way.  This is the advantage of the essay question. I’m not sure I would choose to use a multiple choice question just because it’s possible to test the information that way.  The only disadvantage I see to essay questions are the length of time it takes to grade them.  

As far as rubrics go, I have seen rubrics frequently in all my schooling experiences and I thought they were pretty commonplace so I was surprised with Robin indicated that there are many people who are unfamiliar with them.  I was graded in elementary school on a very loose, open rubric (needs improvement, satisfactory, exceeds expectations) for each subject area.  

I was impressed with the many applications for rubrics.  I have not thought about using rubrics for student presentations or projects but I am excited to try this.  I really liked the cmu website examples of rubrics.  I am also considering the idea of using rubrics for my student aides to help me with grading.  I have student aides grade all my short answer questions right now but I have to grade the essay questions.  A solid rubric would allow my aides to also help me grade the essay questions, lab write ups, and projects.  I could use a rubric to have students grade their classmates oral presentations.  

As far as level 2 evaluations go, I feel like I have always tried to make my evaluations as learner-centered as possible.  I am having a hard time figuring out how to make my auto 100 classes more learner centered but I’m seeing tons of applications for my upper level auto classes.  I will keep my options open and I think the main thing is knowing the difference between learner-centered and teacher-centered and asking myself, “Am I doing this test/evaluation this way because it’s easy for me or because this is the best way for my students to show me what they have learned?”

I’m wondering how the different types of test questions affect level 3 evaluations.  Do students who are tested with more learner-centered evaluations better apply their knowledge and skills in a level 3 setting than students who are tested with more teacher-centered evaluations?

Second task : correct these two assaingments i already did them but the proffessor mentions points that i should have included 

here is her comments just include what she have said to these assaignments 

I have several comments on your test:

  • You are missing a cover sheet for this assignment. (-1 point).
  • Matching questions:
    • You did a nice job with your matching questions.  
    • There is not answer key for the matching questions. (-1 point)
  • Completion questions:
    • The label and name prompt for the questions are on a separate page from the questions.  The information should be on the same page as the questions (-.5 points).
    • The format of completion questions is not a two column format.  The “blanks” for the questions should be part of the question.  For example: “Completion test questions are used in measuring learners’ ___________.”
    • You do not need to ask for the student’s name with each set of questions. 
    • The answer key for all questions should not be embedded in the question, but should be on a separate page. (-1 point).
  • Short answer questions
    • The label “Short answer questions” is on the previous page from the questions.  These should all be on the same page.
    • There is no answer key for these questions (-1 point)
  • Comments for all questions:
    • The border lines are not necessary on any of the questions. It is visually distracting and makes the test look very busy visually.
    • Please number your questions consecutively from first to last, rather than restarting your numbering with each type of question.  This can be confusing for the student and will make it more difficult for you to refer to questions when you are compiling/analyzing your test scores.

the two assaignments are in the attachments,