How we do research

100 words agree or disagree to each questions 

Q1. Hello Classmates!

This week’s assignment tasked us with “how we do research”. For my part, it was easier to do the research than to describe how I do research. Alas, I find the most lucid way of describing my research method in outline form. Below is the process I went through in addressing the The Gig Economy:

1) Brainstorm topics– For this process I typically pick topics that I have an interest in and some level of familiarity. 

2) Cursory review of two topics– I will do “cursory research” on two topics. The topic that both grabs my curiosity and has an abundance of information, wins

3) Collect Resources– Depending on the size of the project this process can take a while. Here I compile resources from various sources such as books, online resources, academic journals and news reports. For this particular question, I used only online sources.

4) Put it aside– After consuming the sources I will put the project aside for a day while I process the information

5) Thesis Statement– I return to the sources and organize the information in such a way that I can develop a thesis

6) Write the body– I write the body text of the report with the thesis statement as the only text in the opening paragraph.

7) Write the opening & closing statement– Once the body is complete, I finish by writing the opening and closing paragraphs

Ultimately, I narrowed the topic to how changes in the human desire and and value combined with the advent of smartphones helped to create a significant minority of the working population who derive at least some income from gigs. I was able to find a number of sources and I have a few books that would be applicable here as well. This approach, though I have never explicitly formulated before, has served me well in the past and comports with how I think. 

I hope this is helpful. 

Q2.  When I go to research, I just type in a basic concept of what I want to look for and hit search.  Although this new concept from Walmart is brand new, it is hard to establish who is telling the correct information, especially on google.  There are times that I will enter scholar google and it will put me in a new page, and I can search the data in here knowing that these articles are good.  One of my key issues is the actual keyword and I tend to not have that in the school library.  Other than that, the topic at hand can bring on many more different avenues to go off, just make sure the site is good and reliable.

I see on the scholar google the interesting topic of the new Walmart plus vs Amazon prim is not a very likely choice since it is new information, but it does go over how Amazon surpassed Walmart in other ways.  This is a good start, but an actual search and trusting site will be much better to search for more specific meaning.  Other than that a good view of the whole company vs the other company can come into light as to why the other company want’s to do something like what Amazon has done.  Although Amazon on really started with books, they too wanted more and took it on.  Walmart who is a brick and morter store has many stores in the US and other Countries.