Finals Paper

Finals Paper

Recommend controls that will monitor and measure the success of your recommended action programs.Week 8Self-ReflectionOn a separate page, write a paragraph or two about what you gained by completing the Course Project and how you can apply it to your professional career, whether or not you plan a career in marketing.

Submit your paper as a Microsoft Word document that is 15-20 pages in length, not including the title, table of contents, references, or self-reflection pages (as part of the length).  

Write your Marketing Plan using the outline below.

Every draft (and the final version) of the assignment must be formatted per APA 6th edition guidelines, written in the third person, and include the following:

  • Running head
  • Page numbers
  • Double-spacing
  • Times New Roman, 12-point type font
  • Headings and subheadings
  • In-text citations
  • Title page
  • Table of contents page
  • Reference page

Remember ThisThere should be at least one in-text citation for each of the references on your reference page. A minimum of eight references are required.

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Apple Inc. Strategic Marketing Plan





When one hears apple, a range of products runs into their heads based on the portfolio which the company offers. The brand portfolio of Apple Inc. is made of Apple Mak books, Apple phones and even a range of apple wearables. The company has been profitable for a long period of time, and the reason behind this success is the company’s ability to understand its customers (LI, 2019). A clear understanding of it implies that the company has been able to produce electronic products and software that met customer demand. In addition, the company is able to communicate how it meets customers needs through marketing. Strategic marketing for this company, therefore, implies continued success and profitability of Apple Inc. for this company to be able to conduct strategic marketing that will result to more sales of the company, it needs to understand its SWOT analysis and its position in regard to Porter’s five forces.

Apple Inc. Porters Five Forces

In regard to completion as one of these forces, Apple Inc. Faces strong competitive force from its direct competitors. The firm competes with direct competitors who are very aggressive in their marketing (Coccia, 2018). Furthermore, the product which Apple sells ad those of competitors have very little differentiation and the switching costs in the portfolio of products is also very low. In regard to the second factor of the model, the bargaining power of consumers of Apple product is quite high. This implies that the company is at times forced to lower down the process of products or software, which translates to reduced revenue for the company. In regard to the power of suppliers, this is a moderate factor for Apple; this is because there are quite many suppliers who can be used to outsource raw material for the company. Therefore, this lowers down the competitive power of these suppliers.

In regard to the treatment of other entries, this is a weak force for Apple. There is less threat that the market will be invaded by new entities to compete directly with the company. For the threat of substitutes, this is also a low threat because there are few products which can be compared to Apple products. The products from the company are so refined and stand their ground in any given comparison.

SWOT Analysis


Apple Inc. is arguably the most valued brand in the electronic industry. This is a strength alongside its global iconic. The products from this company are used almost everywhere in the globe, and they are used majorly for corporate purposes. Furthermore, the company does proficient research to understand its customers.


However, it has a major weakness which is highly-priced products. This makes it hard for a company to attract potential consumer in low-income social class. Furthermore, Apple does not exercise regular advertisement for its brands. This implies that the company does not reach out new market which could be hosting potential consumers. Apple products are also incompatible with other software; this implies that the company limits its consumers only to Apple-related software.


Apple is, however, expected to grow in future due to an increase in the number of potential consumers. This is an opportunity for the company alongside expanding channels of distribution. Therefore, it will be able to serve the increased market in future due to better channels of distribution. The likelihood of increased demand for smart exposure in future is also another significant opportunity for Apple Inc.


The major threat for the company is the counterfeits which are produced and even sold to consumers. These are sold at lower costs, and they take away the direct consumer base, which could have been served by the company. Strict trade tariffs by China government are also a big threat because china makes significant customer share for the company, SWOT Analysis retrievable from


Coccia, M. (2018). Disruptive firms and industrial change. Journal of Economic and Social Thought4(4), 437-450.