Discussion Questions

Discussion Questions

Topic 4 DQ 1 

Explain how various levels of culture affect messaging. How have different levels of culture within an organization affected how you either used or interpreted messaging? Give specific examples and explain how you felt about those experiences. 

Topic 4 DQ 2      

Think of a time you said something to a coworker that you wish you could take back. What was said? What was the channel you used to communicate the message? 

Topic 5 DQ 1      

Think of a time where impression management was used, either in your personal life or an instance you are familiar with. Why was it important that impression management was needed in that instance? What might have happened if impression management wasn’t used effectively? 

Topic 5 DQ 2      

How has technology forced us to reevaluate who the company’s external stakeholders are? 

Discussion question requirements;

1) the two primary discussion posts integrate quotations from the textbook and provide the page in the text book with your reference per question

2) follow the rule  one idea, one paragraph  – if there are multiple questions in the discussion prompt than one is required to have multiple paragraphs.

 use multiple sources and quotations from other sources to furnish evidence to support  claims and ideas. 

Per discussion question – two references- use one qoutation from textbook use one outside reference to support claim