Lesson 10 Assignment – IDEA Exercise 3

Lesson 10 Assignment – IDEA Exercise 3

 Assume that a speculator purchases a put option on British pounds (with a strike price of $1.50) for $.05 per unit. A pound option represents 31,250 units. Assume that at the time of the purchase, the spot rate of the pound is $1.51 and continually rises to $1.62 by the expiration date. The highest net profit possible on the option for the speculator based on the information above is: 

Project Management Week 5

Project Management Week 5


Week 3 – The Scott Project

Project Management Integration Framework – PRJ656

Anthony Burkett, Rodney Hodge, Herbert Green, Jonathan Rhys Jones

Grantham University


Project Charter Project Title: The Scott Project

Project Start Date: January 3, 2010 Project End Date: November 1, 2010

Budget Information: The Scott Project has an estimated total labor cost of $250K per month throughout the life of the project. The initial estimate is based on a total of 2,080 per month at $120 per person.

Project Manager: Jerry Dunlap/ Phone: 321-456-7891/ Email: jerryD@mail.com

Project Objectives: – Implement a new product for Scott Corporation that can easily transition into their strategic plan. – Bring value to Scott Corporation. – Increase trust between Park Industries & Scott Corporation – Develop opportunities for follow-on work over the next several years.

Main Project Success Criterion: Customer satisfaction: This project should initiate future sole-source contracts between Scott Corporation and Parks Industries.

Approach: Due to having a well experienced team however, faced with possible time constraints, the agile methodology is more suitable for this project. The agile approach also gives room for flexibility and quicker delivery.

Sequence of Approach 1) Determine Requirements: Get a detailed understanding of the project requirements. 2) Development: Design, add functionality and test the project. 3) Release: Incremental release of the product for customer feedback. 4) Accept: Customer accepts the project 5) Deploy to Customer: Project is approved and delivered. 5A) If not accepted, changes will be implemented, and the project will enter the next development iteration.

Roles & Responsibilities (Partial List)

Name Role Position

Jason Scott Jason Scott CEO Scott Corporation

Joseph Park Joseph Park Budget Allocation General Manager, Park Industries

Frank Howard Frank Howard Liaison Project Management Division Head

Jerry Dunlap Jerry Dunlap Project Manager Project Manager

6 x Full-Time Employees All Employees Team Members Project Officers

4 x Full-Time Employees All Employees Team Members Functional Team Members

4 x Part-Time Employees All Employees Team Members Functional Team Members

Sign-Off: By signing this document, Scott Corporation and Park Industries approve this project charter.

Management Plan

I. Overviewmailto:jerryD@mail.com


a. Project name: The Scott Project

b. Purpose: i. The goals of the project: To develop a new product for the

Scott Corporation. ii. Strategic reason for the project: Satisfaction of this project

offers tremendous opportunities for follow-on work over the next several years.

iii. Time estimate: Approximately 10 months. iv. Cost estimate: $240,000 per month of project/ $2.5M


c. Sponsor i. Name: Jason Scott

ii. Title: The Scott Corporation CEO iii. Contact information: 321-456-7890

d. Team/Stakeholders

Name Title Phone Email

Jason Scott Sponsor/CEO 321-456-7890 jscott@mail.com

Jerry Dunlap Project Manager 321-456-7891 jerryD@mail.com

Joseph Park Budget Allocation 321-456-7892 jpark@mail.com

Frank Howard Liaison 321-456-7893 franhow@mail.com

6 x Full Time Employees

Project Officers 321-456-7894 Team1@mail.com

4 x Full Time Employees

Functional Team Members 321-456-7895 Team2@mail.com

4 x Part Time Employees

Functional Team Members 321-456-7896 Team3@mail.com

e. Deliverables

Product Descriptionmailto:jscott@mail.commailto:jerryD@mail.commailto:jpark@mail.commailto:franhow@mail.commailto:Team1@mail.commailto:Team2@mail.commailto:Team3@mail.com


Successful R&D The Research and Development needs to be completed to 100% for the product.

New product New product to bring value to the Scott Corporation.

f. A list of important reference materials: i. Scope management plan: The scope creates the new

product for the Scott Corporation and the planning for developing follow-on opportunities for work over the next several years.

g. A list of definitions and acronyms, if appropriate:

Term Definition

R&D Research and Development

Bath Tub Timeframe of inactivity of a project prior to the next phase beginning.

II. How the project is organized

a. Project responsibilities:

i. Project Manager – The Project management will coordinate, synchronize, and integrate all activities in this project. They are responsible for the overall delivery of the service to the customer and ensuring it is within scope, budget, and on time.

ii. Requirement Analyst – Will adhere to the project scope as prescribed by the customer and will ensure that all perimeters of the service to the customer are answered and that specifications are identified before project is initiated.

iii. Research and Developers – Will conduct the scientific research to create the product.

iv. Software Developers – Will develop the coding needed to continue the production of the product.

III. Management and technical approaches:


a. Management objectives: The main approach will be to deliver the product in an effective way that focuses on Customer Satisfaction. The focus of this product is to deliver a product to create a relationship between both organizations that fosters follow-on work for the next several years.

b. Project controls: There will be several project management controls built in. Most prominently is testing starting mid process of research and development. As this is the main effort for this project, the focus of the product is to create the product in alignment with the customer requirements.

c. Risk management: The major risk with this project is delivering a product that is not to the customer standards. The stakeholder/customer will be heavily involved throughout the research and development of the product to ensure the highest level of satisfaction and promote a relationship between the two organizations. Additionally, efforts must be made to ensure that the “Bath Tub” period does not negatively impact the project. Maintaining the same project staff throughout the project will increase the chance of being successful. If the same staff isn’t available, the risks will be mitigated by ensuring detailed documents are maintain discussing project successes and other best practice knowledge.

d. Project staffing: This project will be a mixed staff of project managers and team members both on a full-time and part-time basis. Since the workload is up and down, the staff members will be matrixed to this project as it allows them the flexibility to work on other projects while the workload is low for the Scott Project.

IV. Project schedule

a. Summary schedule: January 3, 2010, through November 1, 2010

V. Budget

a. Summary budget: The overall budget for this project is approximately $250,000 per month with a total of ~$2.5M over the 10-month duration of the project.

b. Detailed budget: The workload fluctuates however the manpower level will roughly equal to 2,080 labor hours per month. Each labor hour will be incurrent at a cost of $120.00 per person, at a full rate.


c. Other budget-related information: The Scott Corporation has a cash flow issue and the follow-on work post this project, will have to be significant to the cut in budget to maintain team members and project managers for follow on work. The bathtub budget after this project is ~$200,000.


Schwalbe, K. (2015). Information Technology Project Management. (8th Ed). Boston, MA:

Cengage Learning.


  • I. Overview
  • II. How the project is organized
  • III. Management and technical approaches:
  • IV. Project schedule
  • V. Budget



Week 2 Discussion

By the due date assigned respond to the discussion questions below and submit your responses to the Discussion Area. By the end of the week comment on your classmates’ responses.

Respond to the questions using the lessons and vocabulary found in the reading.

Support your answers with examples and research and cite your research using the APA format.

Start reviewing and responding to the postings of your classmates as early in the week as possible.

Investment Alternatives and Capital Budgeting Methodologies

Some companies’ common stocks pay cash dividends, while others’ do not. However, most bond issues do pay periodic interest. The preferred stock financing option also pays a dividend. Based on your readings, please respond to the following questions below:

From the investor’s point of view, analyze the advantages and disadvantages of the three investment alternatives—common stock, bonds, and preferred stock. Why would an investor select an investment in bonds over common stock, even if the return on the common stock investment is higher?

From the firm’s perspective, evaluate the pros and cons of using different combinations of debt, common stock, and preferred stock to raise funds. Why do some firms use preferred stock and others do not? Is it a matter of subjective preference, or are there sound theoretical reasons for the use of specific sources of funding?

How does an investor’s evaluation of the investment alternatives differ from the evaluation by a company trying to raise funds?

Among all the capital budgeting methodologies and their respective rules, which would you use and why? What are the advantages of one rule over another? Does the size or the nature of an investment have any impact on which method should be used? Why or why not? How might a rule be improved to make it more effective?

Comment on the postings of two of your classmates. Do you agree with their position? Why or why not?



Assignment is based on Chapters 1, 2, 3, & 4 of the textbook.  However, there are a couple questions that require you to apply previous knowledge and experience.  Giving examples often help make clear your explanations. I encourage you to give experiences and examples where applicable (short answer questions)


1. A health care provider’s service or catchment area is most often the geographic area or region surrounding the service provider from which most of the consumers/patients are obtained.




1. Regulations about the privacy of medical records are examples of legislative/political external issues.




1. In designing a strategic plan, should an organization use prospective strategies or emergent strategies or a combination of both approaches? Explain your answer. 


1. The fundamental nature of strategic management requires the awareness and understanding of outside forces and encourages strategic managers to:

Understand the role of strategy in moving a healthcare organization to achieve its goals
Develop and maintain receptivity to new ways of doing things
Be aware of political and legislative factors that impact health policies, healthcare operations, and consumer health.
All of the above


1. Name and briefly explain  two  changes in the population demographics within the catchment area of a healthcare organization that could force or influence the healthcare organization to implement strategic changes.  


1. (a) Distinguish between horizontal and vertical expansion/integration strategies.  Please give healthcare examples of each type of expansion. (2 Points)

(b) Identify two pros and two cons of these expansion strategies. (2 points)


1. Many of the management methods adopted by health care organizations originated in the business sector.




1. Healthcare organizations employ various growth strategies.  Four of these strategies are ___________, ___________ ,______________  ,  and _________________ .  Please do not use the terms vertical or horizontal integration.


1. Bonus Points Question.  In healthcare organizations quality matters.

(a) In your own words briefly explain what you understand to be the difference between clinical quality and service quality.

(b) Why should health care managers address issues in either of these areas with urgency?


1. Organizations will find themselves out of touch with the needs of the market when they:

Fail to anticipate change
Ignore external forces
Resist change
Fail to respond to health care legislation
All of the above


1. The following are all examples of internal expansion except:

entering new markets with currently existing products
launching marketing efforts to increase market share
developing new products and services
Purchasing or in some other way procuring an existing business that the organization has been using for supplies or materials.


1. Monopolies tend to be large organizations with limited product options; they tend to have working strategies to limit or keep out competitions from the market and are the organizations that can influence higher prices of services and commodities.




1. Which one of the following is not typically addressed by healthcare organizational strategy?

how management intends to grow the business
How organization leadership handles external competition and collaboration as well as how the internal functional components or departments of the business relate and coordinate with each other
Organizational culture
How resources will be allocated across programs and services
None of the above, all of these are addressed


1. Even though business models may differ, the bottom line is that for both for-profit and not-for-profit healthcare organizations to survive, their direct and indirect income must exceed expenses over time.




1. Strategic management is a technique that will provide a “quick fix” for an organization that has fundamental problems.




1. Walston wrote “Political forces have a significant impact on healthcare (Walston, 2018, p. 10).”  Briefly discuss two examples of how politics and political decisions/legislation impact planning and strategy for healthservice providers. 

Accounting Discussion

Accounting Discussion

Per the video summary, there are three (3) primary methods used by companies to assign costs to inventory and cost of goods sold: LIFO, FIFO, and Weighted Average. Each method assumes a particular pattern for how costs flow through inventory, but this is not a guarantee of how the inventory will actually flow. With each method comes a number of pros and cons that a company must consider when implementing its inventory management strategy. Select a company below to learn more about their chosen method. Then discuss the benefits of the chosen method taking into consideration how that particular method impacts the calculation of the inventory account, the cost of goods sold account, and the financial statements for that company.

Target – Uses LIFO

Amazon – Uses FIFO

FedEx – Uses Weighted Average


Review Article

Review Article

Review Article

Week 6 Assignment – The Impact Of Climate Change On Food Security

Week 6 Assignment – The Impact Of Climate Change On Food Security


The United Nations (UN) has hired you as a consultant, and your task is to assess the impact that global warming is expected to have on population growth and the ability of societies in the developing world to ensure the adequate security of their food supplies.

Case Assessment

As the world’s population nears 10 billion by 2050, the effects of global warming are stripping some natural resources from the environment. As they diminish in number, developing countries will face mounting obstacles to improving the livelihoods of their citizens and stabilizing their access to enough food. The reason these governments are struggling even now is that our climate influences their economic health and the consequent diminishing living standards of their peoples. Climate changes are responsible for the current loss of biodiversity as well as the physical access to some critical farming regions. As such, these changes in global weather patterns diminish agricultural output and the distribution of food to local and international markets. These difficulties will become even more significant for these countries as the Earth’s climate changes for the worse. Temperatures are already increasing incrementally, and polar ice caps are melting, so the salient question is: what does this suggest for developing societies?

The issue before the developing world is not its lack of food, but rather how to gain access to food. Simply put, changes in our climate are affecting the global food chain, and hence, the living standards of entire populations. Added to this is the fact that food is not getting to where it is needed in time to prevent hunger or starvation. In many developing countries, shortages are due to governments’ control over distribution networks rather than an insufficient supply of food itself. In effect, these governments are weaponizing food by favoring certain ethnic or religious groups over others. When added to dramatic climate changes that we are experiencing even now, the future for billions of poor people looks increasingly dim.


You are to write a minimum of a 5 page persuasive paper for the UN that addresses the following questions about the relationship between atmospheric weather patterns and food security in the developing world:

  1. Climate change and global warming are often used interchangeably, but they are not the same phenomenon. What are the differences between the two concepts and what leads to the confusion between them?
  2. In 1900, the average global temperature was about 13.7° Celsius (56.7° Fahrenheit) (Osborn, 2021), but as of 2020, the temperature has risen another 1.2°C to 14.9°C (58.9°F). According to the Earth and climate science community, if the Earth’s surface temperature rises another 2°C (3.6°F), we will suffer catastrophic weather patterns that, among other things, will raise sea levels, cause widespread droughts and wildfires, result in plant, insect, and animal extinctions, and reduce agricultural productivity throughout the world (Mastroianni, 2015 and Lindsey & Dahlman, 2020). How much credibility do you place in these projections? Why?
  3. There is no question that the Earth’s food sources are threatened by changes in its weather patterns, but what specific challenges does climate change pose to the food security of people in the developing world?
  4. There is currently a debate among some multinational lending agencies like the International Monetary Fund, UNICEF, and AID over the financial support for food security has been misused by recipient government officials. On the other hand, U.S. authorities insist that misuse of its assistance is not occurring because it has strict monitoring oversight in place. What is your position on this matter? Is there evidence that financial assistance to developing governments is being widely misused by government officials?


  1. This course requires the use of Strayer Writing Standards (SWS). For assistance and information, please refer to the SWS link in the left-hand menu of your course and check with your professor for any additional instructions.
  2. In order to earn full credit, your paper must be divided into at least four full pages of content (one page to address each of the four questions above), and include at least a one-half page introduction and a one-half page conclusion – making a minimum total of five full pages of text.
  3. You must use at least seven credible sources (excluding Wikipedia, dictionaries, and encyclopedias) that are appropriate for the subjects under discussion.
  4. You must use only double-spacing and not place extra spacing between paragraphs or section headings.

The specific course learning outcome associated with this assignment is as follows:

  • Evaluate the impacts that climate changes are having on the growth of global populations and the security of their food sources.

Liz Osborn. 2021. History of Changes in the Earth’s Temperature. https://www.currentresults.com/Environment-Facts/changes-in-earth-temperature.php

Brian Mastroianni. 2015. Why 2 degrees are so important. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/paris-un-climate-talks-why-2-degrees-are-so-important

Rebecca Lindsey and LuAnn Dahlman. 2020. Climate change global temperature. https://www.climate.gov/news-features/understanding-climate/climate-change-global-temperature

Persuasive Speech

Persuasive Speech

Examples of Topics:

Should the Death Penalty Be Abolished?

Social Media and Negative Effects on Teenagers

Are Reality Shows a Source of Exploitation ?

Is It Better To Work From Home?

Should Stay At Home Moms or Dads Be Paid?

Is the Keto Diet Effective?

Persuasive Speech Preparation Worksheet

Name _____________________________________ Section ______________________________________

1. What is the topic of your speech? _____________________________________________________________


2. Are you speaking on a question of fact, value, or policy? ___________________________________________


3. What is your specific purpose statement? ______________________________________________________


4. Can you answer yes to all the questions on the Specific Purpose Checklist found in your textbook? _________

5. Is your speech meant to achieve passive agreement or immediate action from your audience? ____________


6. What is your central idea? ___________________________________________________________________


7. Can you answer yes to all the questions on the Central Idea Checklist found in your textbook? ____________

8. What is the target audience for your speech? How will you adapt your speech to be persuasive to your target audience? Be specific. ________________________________________________________________________


9. What method(s) of gaining attention do you use in the introduction? ________________________________


10. How do you establish your credibility in the introduction? ________________________________________


11. Write the preview statement you will use in your introduction. ____________________________________


12. Can you answer yes to all the questions on the Speech Introduction Checklist found in your textbook? _____

13. What method of organization do you use in the speech? _________________________________________


14. State in full sentences the main points to be developed in the body of your speech. ____________________


15. Can you answer yes to all the questions on the Main Points Checklist found in your textbook? ____________

16. What supporting materials do you use in developing each main point? Be specific. _____________________


17. Can you answer yes to all the questions on the Evidence Checklist found in your textbook? ______________

18. What steps have you taken to answer potential objections that your audience may have to your position? Be specific. ____________________________________________________________________________________


19. What method(s) of reinforcing your central idea do you use in the conclusion? ________________________


Milestone Two: Strategic Plan

Milestone Two: Strategic Plan


Using the recommendation that you provided in Milestone One, you will develop a strategy to implement the innovation and get ahead in the marketplace.


You work as a middle manager for one of the top U.S. producers of luxury and mass-market automobiles and trucks. You are now leading a cross-functional team to move forward with the company initiative. To remain a viable competitor and meet the demands of consumers’ desire for technology, the company’s chief technology officer (CTO) has decided to implement the internet of things (IoT) into its product line.

In Milestone One, you and your cross-functional team looked at risks and benefits of each innovation option, competitors in the market, and the company’s internal capability for moving forward with the innovation. After doing this analysis, you presented your recommendation to various stakeholders about how to proceed. You chose one of the following:

  1. Design a completely new product line, based on the recent technology (discontinuous innovation)


  1. Add recent technology features into one model and then incrementally into the broader product line (incremental innovation)

The CTO has accepted your recommendation. Now you are ready to develop a strategy for taking the innovation to market. In order to develop a strategy, you will need to look at your competitors’ relative strengths in the current marketplace, to understand how the company compares to your competitors, and to identify the total market and the market’s annual growth rate. Finally, you also need to share your thoughts on how to respond to changes in business conditions. Although no one can predict what is going to happen, it is important to think about how flexible your plan is in order to meet unexpected conditions.


Using the recommendation you provided in Milestone One, develop a strategic plan to implement the innovation and gain competitive advantage. Use the Sales ForecastComparative Growth Data and Comparative Operating Statistics to complete this milestone.

Strategic Plan

  1. Analyze the competitors’ relative strengths in the marketplace.

Write a short paragraph describing the growth rate of each competitor. You will get the solution from the comparative growth data sheet.
How much of the market does each competitor now own? Do you see a trend of gaining or losing market share? Present your findings using Power BI.Perform your analysis for the cars and trucks category. Create pie charts using columns C and from the comparative growth Excel sheet in Power BI.
Perform your analysis for the connected cars and trucks category. Create pie charts using columns and from the comparative growth Excel sheet in Power BI.
Determine each competitor’s financial strength by looking at their comparative operating data.

  1. Explain how your company’s market share compares to your competitors’.

Is your company gaining or losing market share? Expand on the analysis done in Task 1 above and explain the major factors behind the change in market share.
What is your company’s growth potential in the industry?
How do your company’s financials look compared to your competitors’?

  1. Identify future potential total available market (TAM) and growth for each chosen product/service and technology.

What is the TAM for cars and light trucks?
What is the TAM for IoT-connected cars and light trucks?
What is the projected compound annual growth rate (CAGR) for cars and light trucks?
What is the projected CAGR for IoT-connected cars and light trucks?
Identify the fastest-growing competitor.

  1. Identify ways to adjust if business conditions change.

What can you do if your customers are slow to respond (buy) the innovation?
What can you do if one competitor is overtaking all the others, including your company?

  1. Describe the steps your company needs to take from concept outline to launch. Consider your learning from the previous two modules to ensure the steps are easy to understand for your team.

What is the size of development that will be required?
Will you require additional capital and personnel?
How would you approach determining the timeline from the beginning of development until initial product launch?

Guidelines for Submission

Strategic Plan

Submit a Word document of 5 pages, devoting 1 page to each critical element described above. Include a graphic using Power BI for competitors’ relative strengths (p. 1). Place the graphic at the top of the page with bullets underneath. Sources should be cited according to APA style. Consult the Shapiro Library APA Style Guide for more information on citations.

Power BI on VDI

Access VDI using the VDI log-in process. Open Power BI in VDI and access the MBA 580 Comparative Growth Excel sheet. Save your charts as images in the OneDrive folder on VDI. Follow the MBA 580 Power BI User Manual for completing these steps.

Week 6 Practical Exercise

Week 6 Practical Exercise

Excel Practical – Exercise 4

Insert the following table into Sheet1 of an Excel spreadsheet, keeping the

cell references consistent.

1. Copy the data from the table (3rd page) into an new Excel Spreadsheet.

Keep the data as indicated on the columns and rows. 2. Save your work as: yourname_P4

3. Add the column title (D1): Humor Rating (out of 10)


4. Calculate the Humor Rating based on the scores on the 2nd set of numbers (table starts in cell A10)

a. Format these numbers to only 1 decimal point

CHARTING 5. Create a 3-D Column Chart. Chart the Humor Rating and Muppet Name

a. Place the chart in a new worksheet title: Humor Rating b. Color the tab Blue

c. Show the Muppets Names and Humor Rating on the chart

a. Use data labels

FORMATTING 6. Insert 2 rows at the top of the worksheet

7. Add the title (A1): The Muppets – Vital Statistics a. Center the title across the table

b. Make it bold and underline it c. Chose the color and size font that is appropriate

8. Color each row with the color indicated in column C for each muppet. 9. Format the rest of the table to your liking.

a. Choose appropriate fonts b. Choose appropriate border

10. Format the Humor Rating table to your liking a. Place borders around all of the cells

b. Center the Scores

11. Bold the Column title in Row 3 and center them 12. Change the Tab Name and color to: Muppets and color it purple

13. Use Conditional Formatting to color the Humor Rating of 7.3 and higher to Bold White Font with a Dark Blue Background

14. Fix the column widths so that you can see all of the data 15. Change the worksheets to Landscape orientation

FINISHING TOUCHES 16. Insert a header in the center section.

a. Type your name and <enter> b. Type the course ID (CGS1030)

17. Insert an image of the Muppets to the right of the table 18. Change the Document Properties

a. Include your name b. Subject

c. Tags (minimum of 3 – separate by commas)


1 Muppet Name Creature



2 Kermit Frog Green

3 Miss Piggy Swine Pink

4 Waldorf &


Grumpy Men Pink

5 Gonzo Unknown Blue/Gray

6 Animal Percussionist Red

7 Swedish Chef Swede Tan

8 Fozzie Bear Brown


10 Humor Rating

11 Score 1 Score 2 Score 3 Score 4 Score 5 Score 6 Score 7 Score 8 Score 9 Score 10

12 Kermit 6 5.8 6.3 8.122 8.3 7.55 7.6 8.5 7.1 6.6

13 Miss Piggy 4.3 5.6 3.8 7.53 8.4 6.8 4.9 8.1 9.1 7.7

14 Waldorf &


4.9 4.9 9.2 8.4 7.5 9.64 8.3 4.5 9.64 9.62

15 Gonzo 8.2 5.7 5.79 7.5 8 7.2 9.4 5.9 8.32 8.4

16 Animal 7.6 3.9 6.8 9.26 4.68 7.9 7.2 6.1 6.9 5.66

17 Swedish Chef 7.6 4.8 4.82 4.9 6.8 8.22 6.8 7.9 7.28 8.3

18 Fozzie 6.7 8.9 3.2 8.3 8.34 7.5 9.12 8.45 7.88 8.12

Week 7 Practical Exercise

Week 7 Practical Exercise


Note: If the function or method was not covered in class or in the textbook, it should not be part of your answer. DO NOT go to the internet for solutions.

You are the troop leader for a Girl Scout Troop and it Cookie Sales Time. You want to keep track of how well your troop did with the sales so that you can give them a prize. Instructions:

1. Save the workbook as yourname_P5 2. Enter the data below into an Excel Spreadsheet. Be sure to keep the same columns

and rows.


1 First Name Last Name

Months in Troop

Chal et

Samoa Thin Mints

Peanut Butter


2 Jacqueline LaMar 48 5 8 12 16 5

3 Mariah Parr 52 6 7 13 14 3

4 Rachel Friend 18 7 5 19 13 6

5 Sharon Ames 6 2 5 21 11 4

6 Susie Kwon 12 9 6 14 11 9

7 Hannah Evans 33 4 2 13 9 8

8 Eliza Doolittle 17 2 7 9 12 3

9 Rebecca Lun 22 3 6 16 11 5

10 Marjorie Smith 37 4 2 11 15 8

3. Enter the row title TOTAL at cell A11 4. Enter the column title TOTAL at cell I1 5. Enter the column title PRIZE at cell J1 6. Insert 2 blank lines above the column titles 7. Enter the title: Girl Scout Cookie Sales 8. Enter the subtitle: Troop JR309DL


9. Use the SUM function to find the Totals for each type of cookie sold a. Be sure to use the fill handle to copy the formula

10. Use the SUM function to find the Totals for the amount each Girl Scout sold a. Be sure to use the fill handle to copy the formulas

11. Enter the following row titles:

a. A15: Prize i. Make it bold

b. A16: T-Shirt c. A17: No Prize

Continued on the next page

IF FUNCTION 12. Show the Prize each Girl Scout has earned.

a. You MUST use the IF Function and use Absolute Reference to find the Prize for each of the Girl Scouts

i. USE the fill handle to copy the formula to all the other cells in the column b. If she sold more than 45 boxes of cookies, she gets a t-shirt (A16) c. Anything Less, she gets No Prize (A17)


13. Center the Title and Subtitle across the table a. Format them to your liking

14. Place a BLUE colored Double Line Border around all the cells in the table 15. Center all of the Column Titles 16. Center all of the cells that contain numbers 17. Format the rest of the table to your liking.

a. Don’t just place the data into the table 18. Change the page orientation to Landscape 19. Adjust column widths as necessary 20. Name the sheet COOKIE SALES and color the tab BLUE

CHARTING 21. Create a 3-D Pie Chart that shows the totals for each type of cookie sold 22. Move the Graph to a new sheet

a. Call the new sheet Total Sales b. Add a title to the Chart

i. You create one c. Add Data Labels to show amount sold (no percent) d. Color the TAB RED


23. Add your name and student ID number to the header 24. Re-Order the tabs so that the chart is the 2nd tab 25. Change the document properties

– Author, Subject and TAGS (keywords – use a minimum of 3 words separated by commas).

o Tags should NOT be your initials, Excel, exercise, practical…