Case Study: Opening Your New Dunkin’ Donuts Locations

Case Study: Opening Your New Dunkin’ Donuts Locations

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Prior to completing this assignment, review the pertinent sections of Chapter 3. You have been the manager of a Dunkin’ Donuts store in the Midwest for the past two years. The store is owned by a Dunkin’ Donuts franchisee who owns 20 other Dunkin’ Donuts locations. Your employer took an employee inventory and examined all current employees. It has been noted by the owner that you have a highly successful track record. You have been recognized for doing an exceptional job staffing, leading, training, coaching, and managing people. You have been recognized for successfully managing all key components of your store and have successfully managed key business drivers such as cash, profits, growth, asset utilization, and people. In regards to the metrics that are used to measure their stores for sales, quality, and customer service, your store is the top performing store in their system.

Congratulations! You have just been promoted to district manager! The Dunkin’ Donuts franchisee sees your growth potential and the growth potential in your geographic area. The owner now has committed significant capital and plans to open five new locations over the next two years. You will be given complete autonomy, authority, and responsibility to structure, staff, and operate these five new locations. You will be playing a key role in this expansion for growth.

For this assignment, you will prepare a four to five-page paper in which you explain your chosen job design and organizational design as the new District Manager for Dunkin’ Donuts.

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Opening My New Dunkin’ Donuts Locations

Jaden Thomas

Ashford University

MGT 330 Management for Organizations

I​nstructor: Lorie Townsend

August 11th, 2020

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Opening My New Dunkin’ Donuts Locations


Dunkin’ Donuts’s mission is to be the leading provider of the wide range of delicious

beverages & baked products around the kingdom in a convenient, relaxed, friendly environment

that ensures the highest quality product and best value for money (“Mission,” n.d.). As the

manager of a Dunkin’ Donuts store in the Midwest for two years, I have proudly displayed our

values of integrity, honesty, respectfulness, transparency, humility, responsibility, and fairness.

As a result of my store performing exceptionally, I am honored to have been recognized for

coaching, managing, leading, training, and staffing skills, I have been promoted to District


As the District Manager, I will be given complete autonomy, authority, and responsibility

to structure, staff, and operate five new locations that the owner plans to open within the next

two years. Having complete autonomy and authority over these new stores will ensure I have a

major position in this growth expansion. This paper will demonstrate my chosen plan for

organizational design, job design, training and performance appraisal, and my recruiting strategy

as the new District Manager for Dunkin’ Donuts.

Job Design

The standard approach to job design for adequately staffing our Dunkin’ Donuts new

establishments involves three steps: job analysis, job description, and job specification. To

structure, staff, and operate a Dunkin Donuts restaurant, I must determine the tasks needed to be

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done, who will do them, and the selection of criteria for hiring and placing new staff/team

members. This process is called the job design, which “takes place when managers, normally

working with the human resources department, determine the tasks that need to be completed,

the people who will do them, and the selection criteria that will be used to choose employees and

place them on the job” (Baack et al., 2014, Ch. 3.2). Moreover, I will use the means job analysis,

job description, and job specifications to explain the job design of my five upcoming Dunkin

Donut stores.

Job Analysis

Job analysis​ ​is the process of studying a job to determine which activities and responsibilities it

includes, its relative importance to other jobs, the qualifications necessary for the job’s

performance, and the conditions under which the work is performed (“Performing Job Analysis,”

2020). In conjunction with other departmental managers, human resources will conduct a job

analysis. As District Manager, I believe that it is best to use the extermination method for the job

analysis which involves simply trying various ways to learn which is most effective and efficient

for performing a job, allowing managers to evaluate workload to aid the organization flow

(Baack et al., 2014, Ch. 4.2). During the hiring process for the five new establishments, the

placement of the new hires must be the best fit for their qualifications and expertise.

Job Description

After the job analysis has been settled and agreed upon, we must create a job description.

There are four different positions that we will have to fulfill for each restaurant: crew member,

shift leader, assistant manager, and the restaurant manager. Crew members will be responsible

for delivering great and friendly guest experiences. They will prepare products according to

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operational and quality standards and serve them with enthusiasm in a clean, fast-paced

environment, satisfying and meeting each guest’s needs (“Careers”, n.d.). T,” shift leader will be

responsible for leading the crew, performing the same duties, while also motivating and leading

by example and executing oopertional Brand standards (“Careoperational. The assistant manager

will be responsible for assisting and helping the manager keep the restaurant running smoothly

by taking on some managerial tasks, such as overseeing employees or providing customer

service. Lastly, the restaurant manager will be responsible for the restaurant’s overall operation,

according to Dunkin Donuts’ standards (“Careers,” n.d.). The manager will be the head of the

store, providing strong, positive leadership to his/her team while taking on different tasks such as

restaurant marketing strategies, recruiting and hiring restaurant staff, training, overseeing food

quality, and greeting and serving guests.

Job Specification

Once job descriptions are created, we must generate a list of requirements that applicants must

have to be considered for any of the above-referenced positions. Applicants must be at least 16

years or older. A high school diploma or GED will be required. It is also a critical requirement

that all applicants have some restaurant and or customer service experience. All staff members

must have and or obtain a food handlers certification. Applicants must have the necessary math

skills to be capable of counting money and making change. Lastly, applicants must be physically

and mentally capable of learning to operate standard restaurant equipment and must be able to

lift 30 to 50 pounds. These qualifications are minimal but very critical to carrying out Dunkin’

Donuts’ restaurant standards.

Organizational Design

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The five (5) upcoming establishments will continue to follow the organizational design already

established through Dunkin Donuts. Dunkin Donuts is considered a divisional structure, and each

franchise will operate as individual machine bureaucracies as the company is built to serve

coffee drinks and donut treats. However, each restaurant of team members shall follow a simple

structure organization where all team members report to either the store manager or me. I feel

this structure will be beneficial as it will create a less stressful and organized work environment.


In conclusion, as a newly promoted district manager, my goal is to share and expand my

managerial experience by building successful teams for each of the five (5) locations I will be

responsible for. It is my promise and responsibility to serve our guests, communities, franchises,

and employees with dedication. By examining the job design requirements for employees,

housed through a Machine Bureaucracy with an organic, decentralized structure that will allocate

for a workforce that is adaptable and flexible. My job is to foster Dunkin’ Brands’ core values

into the organizational structure of each location. The purpose of this is to identify and explain

how job design, organizational design, recruiting and selecting, training personnel, and

performance appraisals are critical elements in creating successful establishments.

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