Case Study

Case Study

I want a report about the uploaded case study these are the questions

1. How was this obscure little firm of “accounting and engineering advisors” able to grow into the world’s most prestigious consulting firm fifty years later? What was the unique source of competitive advantage developed by James O Mckinsey and later Marvin Brower? .

2. How effective was Ron Daniel in leading McKinsey to respond to challenges identified in the Commission on Firm Aims and Goals? What contribution did Fred Gluck make to the required changes? 

3. Judging by the evidence in the three mini-cases of front-line activities in the mid-1990s, how effective has the firm been in its two decade long change process? 

4. What is your evaluation of Rajat Gupta’s “four-pronged” approach to knowledge development and application within McKinsey? As a senior partner, what specific advice would you give him? 

Note that each question should be answered separately

The instructions are 

1- The case  should be 11 pages 

2- ONLY 5 written pages and the other 6 must be exhibit (CHARTS)

3- The exhibit can be from the internet but must be referred to in answering the questions 

4- The font is 12 double spaced                                     

5- The citation style is APA

6- The cause study should be the main resource and you can use 2 additional resources