Case Question

Question: Read case and answer the question:

Language is often symbolic and thus, open to interpretation. This is why effective cross cultural communication is about getting the meaning, not just the words. In question 2, you saw that the two parties interpreted “successful negotiation outcome” differently.There were actually sseveral additional instances where interpretations of words impeded communications in this case. Give TWO other examples of words that were interpreted differently in this case, and give the Chinese interpretation and the American interpretation (3marks).Then, briefly explain the consequences (cognitive, affective, and behavioural) arising from the different interpretations of each (1 marks). (4 marks total) 


1. Double-spaced, 12ptfont (Times New Roman)

2. 1 page long


a) How well did the response actually answer the question in a logical, clear and comprehensive manner? 

b) How well did the response deal with all aspects of the question? 

c) How well did the response link the relevant course material? 

d) Did the response demonstrate an appropriate effort/level of analysis? To what extent did the response demonstrate original thought or new insights to the issue that falls outside the course materials?