50 words agree or disagree to each questions 

Q1.  Initial reactions of the case study is the problem set for the case study is complicated given the personnel rules that must be followed such as the maximum of overtime hours and the fact that part time employees are limited to a certain percentage of the workforce per day. The case study being a group assignment is probably the most difficult party about the assignment. Delineating tasks and roles on a research paper or group paper is less complicated then dividing up the three discussions questions amongst a group of five. But the problem was interesting because managing a schedule of people with different requirements is a cumbersome tasks and despite the constraints of the personnel rules we don’t have to deal with constraints posed in the real world such as vacation, sick and personal days. The number one factor affecting personnel assignments needs more information. I understand that the number one factor states that part time personnel hours are limited to a maximum of 40% of the day’s total requirement. I believe that this either means that if a full time employee provides service to approximately 100 customers during a work day then the part time employee can only provide service to a maximum of 40 customers. 

Another possible interpretation of this first factor is that given the typical work day of 8 hours, a part time employee can only work a maximum of three hours per day. However, this interpretation is immediately ruled out by the number two factor which states that part time employees must work for 4 hours per day and not exceed 8 hours. Leaving me with the question, what is meant by a maximum of 40% of the day’s total requirement? But I was ultimately able to answer that questions as I continued reading the case study once I read the discussion questions. After reading discussion question three I understand that part time personnel hours are limited to a maximum of 40% of the day’s total requirement means that if 10 employees are required to complete the work for the day then only 4 of those employees can be part time employees. I am glad this was elaborated further into the explanation of the case study but it would have been helpful it was better explained under the factors section. 

Q2.  Hello Class, I will discuss my initial reaction to the case study. There is obviously a lot of content to sort through but it shouldn’t be to bad. I understand that we are tasked to find the most optimal work schedule that meets all the criteria provided. Our team needs to find the minimum cost while utilizing the limitations. I think that it is pretty obvious that if they could use the part time employees for more than 40% of the day that it would cost the company less money. I order to complete our calculation we ill need to utilize linear programing. We will also be able to get an idea on how much money could be saved if some of the limitations were relaxed.

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