Business Stat

 QMBS 2305 Data Project Proposal & Guidelines 

 Project proposal can be 1/3, 1/2, 1 page long etc.  I just need an idea.  It should explains what you are going to do and what type of data you will use. And why do you think it is important.  

(I). The data project should be based on a dataset which you select,
probably downloaded from some public web source, and which I suggest
ought to have at least n=50 observations, a continuous response variable
Y, and at least several other meaningful continuous or categorical explanatory
X-columns. Ideally, since you will be looking for relationships between the
X and Y columns, the source and subject matter of the data should relate to
a topic about which you have some general knowledge to aid you in
asking and answering meaningful research questions relevant to the data. 

(II). The objective of your data project should be to discover and present
a regression-type statistical model you can in EXCEL (or any other language if you prefer) to explain the Y responses in your dataset in terms of the X explanatory variables.  

(III). It is not required that your data analysis project be “completed/finished” in the
sense of necessarily reaching firm conclusions about a realistic problem, but
you should make some effort to showcase tools learned in the course (descriptive  statistics, histograms etc). 

(IV). Do not hand in data or any computations or pictures you do not explicitly refer to in accompanying text. You must briefly explain the research problem, methodology and solution in words, with reference to pictures and numerical exhibits. Hand in no more than 7 printed pages in a reasonable sized font and spacing.