Business Organization DQ

Business Organization DQ

Need this by 03/09/16 – no work cited from wikipedia. must cite proper sources. 300-350 words please

A great way for leaders to begin solving problems with organizational structure is to ask three important questions:

  • Is the problem the structure, or is the problem the way leadership is managing the structure?
  • Does the structure of the organization match the organizational mission, vision, and goals?
  • Has the design of the organization been compromised due to accommodating various employees?

In your first post, please respond to the question below.

  • To apply these ideas practically, describe an organization that you have been part of in the past or that you are currently part of.  IF that organization went through a change in structure or if you think it NEEDS to go through a change in structure, use and answer the three guiding questions above to determine how a solution to the structure could be reached. What questions would you add to this list? How would your proposed question(s) benefit the organizational structure?