Business Ethics

Business Ethics

You’re to pick any topic discussed in class and write a minimum of 2,500 words on it.


Outline: Cover page: Term paper title, course number, names of student and instructor, date, 


Abstract. No more than 300 words Table of content, pagination of the document. 

Topic/Issue/Problem Description: Introduction and overview of the problem and the motivation 

that attracts you for selecting the topic for this term paper. Discussions: Fundamental analysis 

with details and graphs/diagrams where applicable. Conclusion: Sum it all up and state what 

you have learned. References: List of references with standard formats and appropriate 

citations in the text. 

Written Papers Format:

· All papers must be word-processed; 

handwritten papers are NOT acceptable. ·

Assignments must be typed in double-space 

with no more than 12 font size. ·

Written assignments will contain a cover page showing 

the workshop number, title of the course, title of the paper, your name, and the date; as well as 

a reference page when citing material. All citations must be properly referenced in accordance 

with accepted principals. ·


What did Dennis Kozlowski of Tyco and Jeff Skilling of Enron have in common when it came to 

ethics in the early 2000’s? Why do some people who are making millions of dollars seem to 

think they need to lie, cheat and steal just to make a little more money? What is the word I am 

looking for that starts with a G…?

Sarbanes Oxley Act (20 pts)

What is the main premise of this Act with respect to expected conduct of executive 


Why did the US Government need to come up with this legislation?


Define Utilitarianism and tell me about Jeremy Bentham.

Does the United States military 

endorse this view of Ethical thinking? What are your feelings on the “Greater Good for Most” 

theory, do you agree with this theory?