You will submit a brief comparison of how Canada and Iran differ or are similar in any aspect relevant to the business environment as covered in this class. 

these are what we covered in the class:

1- Exploring Canadian Business: A Critical Approach

2- The Employee-Employer Relationship

3- Business Structure and Strategy

4- Economic Forces

5- Competitive and Technological Forces

6- Global Forces

7- Political Forces

8- Societal Forces

9- The Challenge of Sustainability

10- Confronting Change

I attached the Course Preparatory Information here.

Week 1: Exploring Canadian Business: A Critical Approach

week 1In this first week, we will learn about broad aspects of Canadian business environment with an emphasis on the internal and external context of business. We will delve into the major challenges facing business today, and explore different components of Canadian business environment through various examples and discussions derived from the textbook.

Week 2: The Employee-Employer Relationship

week 2In Week 2, we will take a deeper look into Canadian labour environment. We will describe the employment relationship and the responsibilities that employers have to their employees. We will also discuss contemporary issues in the Canadian labour context including matters of diversity and inclusion, labour law, and employment equity.

Week 3: Business Structure and Strategy

week 3In this week, we will examine the concepts of business structure and strategy. Given the changing nature of business, organizations need to adopt newer and more flexible structures which will be conducive to greater success. Similarly, business organizations must develop strategies so as to take advantage of organizational strengths and external opportunities, and minimize the disadvantages that may arise from organizational weaknesses and external threats. This week’s subjects lay the foundation for upcoming chapters.

Week 4: Economic Forces

week 4In this week, the emphasis is on economic forces shaping the business environment. The discussion starts with an analysis of the economy and economic systems in the world today. The role of competition in the economy is also scrutinized, in addition to Canadian economic goals and system.

Week 5: Competitive and Technological Forces

week 5In this week, we will take a closer look at competitive and technological forces. On the face of the relentless pace of technological innovation, no business organization can afford to stay behind and sit out of the competition. Developing innovative capabilities is an absolute must for any organization who wants to stay afloat. With these in mind, we will examine the impact of technology on industry life cycles and on today’s workplace.

Week 6: Global Forces

week 6In this week, we will take a look at globalization and its impact on business. While reviewing the width and breadth of globalization, we will emphasize various forms which global business activity can take. We will also focus on characteristics of multinational companies and special issues regarding international trade. We will close the chapter with a discussion of whether regional economic integration, which has been the growing trend in the world for the last several decades, is yielding to economic division and antagonism.

Week 7: Political Forces

week 7This week, we will discuss the Canadian business enterprise system. Being a capitalist economy, Canada nicely blends features of capitalism with structures of a socially responsible government, where the government acts as guardian of society and private business sector at the same time. Canadian government is also guardian of business with appropriate systems and mechanisms at domestic and international levels. We will end this week with a discussion of whether governments should mind their own business.

Week 8: Societal Forces

week 8In this week, we will focus on business ethics and corporate social responsibility. Ethics in the business world had long been neglected, but since the turn of the century, especially following the wake-up calls emanating from big corporate scandals, strong steps have been taken to ensure businesses integrate ethical decision-making in all of their layers. Another growth of interest has been observed at the intersection of business and society, where corporate social responsibility efforts keep on increasing.

Week 9: The Challenge of Sustainability

week 9In this week, we will delve into the issue of sustainability. A growing concern for the whole world, sustainability targets and measures have been developed by all nations and businesses alike, to overcome the difficulties caused by years of inconsiderate use of natural resources. We will examine the business case for implementing sustainable business practices and we will understand the importance of triple bottom line.

Week 10: Confronting Change

week 10This week, we will look at change in the context of business environment. While inevitable, change is often dreaded by business organizations and confronted with resistance. However, the ability to navigate through change and adopt the mindset of a learning organization is an essential component of sustained organizational success. We will review various types and methods of change, and examine the process of change through an example.

Week 11: Course Wrap-Up and Final

week 11This is the last week of the semester, and in this week, we will wrap up the course. We will make an overview, we will go over any unfinished topics, and finalize the team presentations. While it may be easy to overlook, business environment is of strategic importance for organizations seeking long-term viability. Adaptation is a crucial skill that carries survival value; hence, organizations’ ability to adapt to their environment is what carries them forward in the future.