Citations and References are NOT required for this discussion, unless you NEED them.  That is, don’t refer to an outside source without citing it properly.

NOTE TO EVERYONE:  If you have already participated in this discussion in one of my other classes, please DO NOT post in this discussion group at all.  Rather, just send me an email and tell me which class you discussed this in, as well as the “Right Answer”.

FILE IS AT:  Merck & Co., Inc. (A).pdfPreview the document

Part 1.

Subject:  Do businesses exist to provide money and value to their owners, or do they exist to provide value to society as a whole?

Your task here is simple:

1.  Attached is a case for you to download, print, and read.  Do that before continuing. 2.  Consider yourself in the position of CEO for Merck, and pondering your next move on this matter.  Formulate an opinion of your own about what you think is the “RIGHT ANSWER” regarding a course of action. 3.  Consider opposing viewpoints that others may have (notes help here). 4.  Once you have carefully considered both your opinion and any opinions that you think others might have, post your opinion to the discussion board.  Make sure you explain why you think your answer is the right one, and why you think other answers may not be. 5.  References are not required for this week’s discussion, as it is opinion only.  Please note that you should still have a fairly robust response, so posting only a few sentences will not be sufficient.