3.5 Nonprofit Fundraising Case Study: Part I

3.5 Nonprofit Fundraising Case Study: Part I

Students are to independently prepare a report on two local nonprofit organizations. Only 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations will qualify for this assignment. For-profit and government-funded organizations will not be accepted. Pick one from each category and compare and contrast them.

  • Group 1: Social Service, International Relief Agency, Environmental Group
  • Group 2: Educational Institution, Hospital, Church

Be sure to provide: a brief history of the organization (no more than one (1) page per organization), the mission statement, the service(s) provided, total annual budget, sources of funds, methods of accountability, governing body (the decision-makers setting policy), and a review of fundraising strategies including the use of social media. The assignment includes a phone or face-to-face interview/s with at least one person in the organization with management and fundraising responsibilities. The paper should include excerpts from the interview(s) and quotations from our text reading materials. In your conclusion address which of these two organizations you would want to work for, and why. As always, the paper should reference material from our text reading materials.

Please note: Failure to prepare well in advance of the assignment deadline does not constitute an emergency for your organizations. Students are advised to contact organization leaders early to arrange for interviews and gathering information. This first paper should be 6-8 pages of text in length, not counting a title page or bibliography page. Use of bulleted lists is acceptable where appropriate. 

Detailed instructions for this assignment can be found here:  Instructions for Nonprofit Fundraising CASE STUDY: Part 1 Instructions for Nonprofit Fundraising CASE STUDY: Part 1 – Alternative Formats

Open the assignment and select Browse My Computer to attach your Microsoft Word document and Submit.